The assembly process of SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machines is a testament to precision and excellence. Every component is carefully crafted and seamlessly integrated, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

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    Steel Body

    Steel Strength: The Backbone of Efficient Pellet Production.

    The sturdy steel body serves as the foundation of the pellet machine, providing structural integrity and support for the internal components.

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    Main Gear and Gear Pinion Shaft

    Powering precision pelletizing: where efficiency meets heart in SERVODAY's gear-driven Ring Die Pellet Mill Machine.

    The main gear and gear pinion shaft of SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machines form the heart of the drive mechanism, transmitting power from the motor to the pelletizing components with precision and efficiency.

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    Main Center Shaft

    Empowering Efficiency: Our Center Shafts Keep SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machines Running Smoothly.

    The main center shaft is a critical component that supports and aligns the various moving parts of the SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machine, ensuring smooth operation and proper functionality.

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    Quill Shaft (Die Holder)

    Precision in Motion: Crafting Excellence with Every Quill Shaft Assembly.

    Assembling the quill shaft in a SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machine requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure seamless operation and optimal performance. The quill shaft serves as a crucial component, facilitating the transfer of power from the motor to the rotating ring die, where biomass materials are compressed into pellets.

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    Front Roller Support Plate and Adjusting Lever

    Unlocking Precision and Efficiency: SERVODAY's Roller Support Innovation for Premium Pellet Production.

    The Front Roller Support Plate and Adjusting Lever are integral components of SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machines. These components play a crucial role in the adjustment and alignment of roller assemblies, thereby ensuring the production of high-quality pellets with maximum efficiency.

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    Ring Die assembly

    Precision Fitting, Lasting Performance: Elevating Pellet Production with SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machines.

    In SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machines, the fitting of the ring die involves precise assembly with die clamps and wear rings to ensure optimal performance and durability. Crafted from high-grade alloy steel, the ring die is securely fastened within the machine body using specialized die clamps, minimizing vibration and ensuring precise pellet formation. Wear rings, typically made from durable materials like tungsten carbide, are strategically positioned around the ring die to reduce friction and prolong its lifespan.

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    Ring Die Clamp

    Precision in Pellet Production: Elevate Quality with our Ring Die Clamp Assembly

    The Ring Die Clamp assembly for SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machines is a crucial procedure ensuring precise alignment and secure fastening of the ring die. This meticulous process directly impacts pellet quality and production consistency. It involves positioning the ring die and securing it with the clamp assembly, demanding precision to prevent inefficiencies or equipment wear.

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    Roller Assembly

    Efficiency in Motion: Precision Roller Assembly for Seamless Pellet Production.

    In SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machines, the roller assembly is meticulously crafted to ensure smooth and efficient pellet production. Each assembly comprises an eccentric shaft, precision bearings, seals, and roller shells, all intricately designed to work in harmony. The eccentric shaft provides controlled movement, allowing for precise adjustment of roller pressure and pellet density. High-quality bearings support rotational and axial loads, ensuring smooth operation and minimal friction.

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    Shear Pin Housing Assembly

    Built to Protect, Engineered to Last: SERVODAY's Shear Pin Housing Assembly Ensures Safety and Stability in Pellet Mill Operations.

    The Shear Pin Housing Assembly in SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machines provides a robust and secure enclosure for the Shear Pin, enhancing the overall safety and performance of the system.

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    Shear Pin

    Safeguarding Performance, One Break at a Time: SERVODAY's Shear Pin Ensures Reliability in Pellet Production.

    The Shear Pin in SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machines embodies a critical safety feature, designed to protect the machinery from potential damage during operation. Acting as a sacrificial element, the Shear Pin is engineered to break under excessive force, effectively halting the system and preventing more significant harm to vital components.

  • 11

    Oil Lubrication System for Gear

    Effortlessly Sustaining Performance: Precision Lubrication for SERVODAY Pellet Mill Machine Gears

    The oil lubrication system assembly for the gears of SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machines is a critical component ensuring smooth operation and longevity of the machine. Designed to deliver precise amounts of lubricant to the gears, this system minimizes friction and wear, thereby reducing the risk of breakdowns and extending the lifespan of the equipment.

  • 12

    Roller Lubrication System

    Smooth Operation, Extended Lifespan: Grease Lubrication for SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machine Rollers

    The Grease Lubrication System assembly for rollers in SERVODAY Ring Die Pellet Mill Machine ensures smooth operation and extends the lifespan of the equipment. This system is meticulously designed to deliver the right amount of grease to the roller bearings, reducing friction and minimizing wear. Each roller assembly is equipped with precision bearings and seals, carefully selected for their reliability and durability in high-pressure pelletizing environments.

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