Discover the cutting-edge biomass projects by SERVODAY, revolutionizing the energy and manufacturing sectors. Explore the groundbreaking SERVODAY PELLETBOX, offering unparalleled portability and efficiency in pellet production. Learn about SERVODAY's expertise in biomass boiler feeding systems, providing customized solutions for optimized performance and fuel flexibility. Delve into the innovative Green Bamboo Processing System, streamlining the production process with precision and efficiency. Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with SERVODAY's Fully Automatic Compressed Pallet Manufacturing Machinery & Plant, offering eco-friendly solutions for modern logistics challenges. Unlock the potential of spent coffee grounds with SERVODAY's SCG Pellet Plant, harnessing clean energy from sustainable sources. Elevate biomass energy with SERVODAY's Torrefaction Plant, transforming raw materials into high-energy products for diverse applications. Join SERVODAY in shaping a greener, more sustainable future with innovative biomass solutions.

Empowering Biomass Pelletization at Scale

SERVODAY Wood Biomass Pellet Plant

Discover unparalleled efficiency and reliability with SERVODAY's Conventional Pellet Production Plant. Engineered to streamline the pellet manufacturing process, our turnkey solutions encompass every aspect, from initial concept to full operation. With capacities ranging from 1 to 12 tons per hour, our plants cater to a diverse range of production needs. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship, SERVODAY ensures optimal performance and maximum profitability for your pellet production venture. Our plants are designed to handle various biomass materials, from wood to feed, with precision and ease. Through automated features and advanced control systems, we guarantee consistent quality while minimizing operational costs. From site layout and design to installation, testing, and commissioning, our comprehensive services ensure a seamless transition to full-scale production. Trust SERVODAY's Conventional Pellet Production Plant to elevate your biomass processing capabilities and drive long-term success in the industry.

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Revolutionizing Portable Pellet Production


Introducing the SERVODAY PELLETBOX, A game-changer in pellet production, designed for maximum portability and efficiency. With its innovative containerized design, the PELLETBOX allows for seamless transportation to diverse locations, ensuring adaptability to fluctuating biomass sources and market demands. Setup is a breeze, thanks to its rapid deployment capabilities, enabling quick responses to urgent demands or short-term opportunities. Cost efficiency is paramount, with a modular design that minimizes expenses and eliminates non-recoverable civil construction costs. Supporting localized production, the PELLETBOX brings manufacturing closer to biomass sources, reducing transportation costs and environmental impact. Energy utilization is optimized, with innovative technologies integrated into the compact design. Versatile across biomass types, it enables seamless transitions between feedstocks without major modifications. Its streamlined infrastructure enhances resilience, ensuring operational efficiency even in adverse weather conditions. Experience the future of pellet production with the SERVODAY PELLETBOX.

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Empowering Biomass Energy Conversion

SERVODAY Boiler Feeding System

Efficient boiler operation is paramount for effective energy conversion from biomass, demanding consistent and controllable fuel feeding. SERVODAY's expertise in biomass pellets and wood chips boiler fuel feeding and storage systems ensures optimized performance, catering to a wide array of modern biomass fuels and traditional wood types. With over 50 years of experience in the biomass and wood processing industries, SERVODAY offers fully customized solutions, tailored to the specific needs and fuel types of each application. From accommodating various boiler types to handling diverse fuel streams, including challenging options like eucalyptus and industrial residues, SERVODAY's systems guarantee trouble-free boiler operation across a range of capacities. Whether for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) biomass systems or other applications, SERVODAY's boiler feeding systems deliver homogenous fuel mixes, enhancing efficiency and reliability. With options for dosing, mixing, dust protection, and explosion hazard mitigation, SERVODAY ensures comprehensive solutions that address the evolving needs of the biomass energy conversion industry.

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Revolutionizing Green Bamboo Processing

The SERVODAY Integrated Chipping, Drying, Storage, and Feeding System

Introducing the SERVODAY Green Bamboo Chipping, Drying, Storage, and Feeding System, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the processing of green bamboo for various applications. This innovative system consists of four key sections, each meticulously engineered for optimal performance. In the first section, green bamboo is received and efficiently chipped using the SERVODAY Rotary Drum Chipper, ensuring consistent chip size for further processing. Next, the chips undergo moisture reduction in the SERVODAY Rotary Drum Dryer, enhancing their usability and quality. The dried bamboo chips are then stored in the SERVODAY Hydraulic Moving Floor System, which features a unique design for efficient storage and controlled discharge at the desired rate. This integrated system offers unparalleled efficiency and precision in green bamboo processing, making it the ideal choice for industries requiring high-quality bamboo products. Experience the future of bamboo processing with SERVODAY and revolutionize your production capabilities today.

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Efficiency Elevated

SERVODAY's Fully Automatic Compressed Pallet Manufacturing Machinery & Plant

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with SERVODAY's Fully Automatic Compressed Pallet Manufacturing Machinery & Plant, revolutionizing pallet production with advanced technology and eco-friendly practices. Compressed wood pallets, crafted from wood byproducts like waste pallets and raw wood shavings, offer unparalleled load capacity and lightweight design. Stackable and nestable, they optimize storage space and reduce freight costs, making them a sustainable choice for global shipment. Manufactured from resinous trees and complying with ISPM 15 standards, these pallets require no further treatment for international acceptance. With SERVODAY's innovative machinery and plant, the manufacturing process is streamlined from concept to commissioning, offering turnkey solutions for pallet production at various capacities. From wood chipping to hydraulic pressing, each step is meticulously executed to deliver pallets with superior strength and durability. SERVODAY's compressed pallet plant offers eco-friendly solutions for modern logistics challenges. Enjoy the benefits of efficiency, durability, and space optimization with SERVODAY's Fully Automatic Compressed Pallet Manufacturing Plant.

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Unlocking the Potential of Spent Coffee Grounds

SERVODAY's Innovative SCG Pellet Plant

Transforming Spent Coffee Grounds (SCG) into high-value fuel pellets, SERVODAY GROUP leads the way in sustainable energy solutions. Recognizing coffee's dual role as a beloved beverage and a potent combustion material, SERVODAY's SCG Pellet Plant offers an eco-friendly alternative with superior heat value compared to traditional wood pellets. From receiving SCG to final pellet production, our fully automated SERVODAY plant ensures efficient processing at capacities ranging from 1 to 12 TPH. Featuring cutting-edge SERVODAY equipment like Bag Breakers, Grinders, and Pellet Mills, our plant maximizes densification and uniformity in pellet formation. With comprehensive characteristics detailing SCG's composition and calorific value, our SERVODAY solution empowers industries to harness coffee's untapped potential for clean energy. Discover the transformative power of SCG pellets with SERVODAY's innovative Pellet Plant and join us, SERVODAY, in shaping a greener, more sustainable future. Experience the revolution in renewable energy with SERVODAY today!

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Transforming raw biomass material to high-energy torrefied products

Elevating Biomass Energy with SERVODAY's Torrefaction Plant

SERVODAY's Biomass and Wood Torrefaction Plant transforms raw biomass materials into high-energy torrefied products, enhancing their suitability for various energy applications. Beginning with the receiving section, raw biomass enters the plant, where it undergoes initial processing. The material then moves to the torrefaction reactor, where it is subjected to controlled heating in the absence of oxygen, resulting in torrefied biomass with improved energy density and storage properties. Next, the torrefied biomass is cooled and conveyed to storage for subsequent use. Key equipment includes biomass receiving systems, torrefaction reactors, cooling units, and storage silos, all meticulously designed for optimal performance and efficiency. SERVODAY's torrefaction technology unlocks the full potential of biomass resources, providing a sustainable solution for energy generation and environmental conservation. With SERVODAY's expertise and innovative approach, biomass utilization reaches new heights, contributing to a greener future for generations to come.

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Efficiently Convert Compost into High-Quality Pellets

Transform Organic Waste into High-Quality Compost Pellets

The SERVODAY Compost Pellet Plant is designed to convert organic waste into valuable compost pellets efficiently. Utilizing raw materials such as agricultural waste, food scraps, yard clippings, and manure, this plant ensures optimal processing and pelletization. The advanced technology in the SERVODAY Compost Pellet Plant provides several advantages, including reduced waste volume, enhanced compost quality, and improved soil fertility. Technically, the plant features state-of-the-art pellet mills, mixers, and drying systems, ensuring robust and reliable operation. This plant is suitable for various applications, including organic farming, landscaping, and soil improvement projects, making it a versatile solution for sustainable waste management.

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Efficient SERVODAY Rice Straw Pellet Plant

Transforming rice straw into valuable pellets with SERVODAY technology

The SERVODAY Rice Straw Pellet Plant is designed to convert rice straw, an abundant agricultural byproduct, into high-quality pellets. Utilizing advanced technology, this plant processes raw rice straw into durable, energy-efficient pellets suitable for various applications, including biofuel, animal bedding, and compost. The plant features robust machinery for shredding, drying, and pelletizing, ensuring efficient and consistent production. Benefits include reduced waste, enhanced energy recovery, and increased revenue streams for farmers and industries. With easy operation and low maintenance, the SERVODAY Rice Straw Pellet Plant is an ideal solution for sustainable and profitable rice straw utilization.

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Efficient SERVODAY Alfalfa Pellet Plant

Transforming alfalfa into high-energy fuel pellets with SERVODAY technology

The SERVODAY Alfalfa Pellet Plant is designed to convert raw alfalfa into high-energy fuel pellets, providing an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional fuels. Utilizing fresh alfalfa, which is abundant and renewable, the plant processes the material through stages of shredding, drying, and pelletizing. The resulting pellets boast high calorific value and low ash content, making them ideal for use in biomass boilers and stoves. Key advantages include reduced greenhouse gas emissions, cost savings on fuel, and efficient energy production. This advanced plant offers reliable performance with minimal maintenance, supporting both residential and commercial heating applications with clean, green energy.

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Efficient Bulk Loading Solutions

SERVODAY's Ship & Barge Conveyor Systems

Discover SERVODAY's cutting-edge Ship & Barge Bulk Loading Conveyor System, designed to streamline the transfer of bulk materials with unparalleled efficiency. Available in capacities ranging from 100 to 1000 TPH, our conveyor systems cater to diverse industries, handling materials such as sulfur, bauxite, coal, and fertilizers with ease. At Jamnagar Port, our state-of-the-art system facilitates the seamless loading of sulfur onto barges for export, boasting a combined capacity of 800 TPH. Featuring telescopic chutes and flow control mechanisms, our conveyors ensure minimal dusting and precise loading rates, controlled by VFD Controllers with both auto and manual options. From concept to commissioning, SERVODAY provides comprehensive solutions on a turnkey basis, ensuring optimal performance and operational excellence. Contact us now to revolutionize your bulk loading operations with SERVODAY's Ship & Barge Conveyor Systems.

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SERVODAY's Turnkey Offerings

LPG Solutions Tailored for Residential Complexes

At SERVODAY, we specialize in delivering comprehensive LPG solutions on a turnkey basis, ensuring seamless implementation and operation for residential complexes and industrial facilities alike. Recently, we proudly supplied an LPG Piped Gas System to the Oshwal Park Residential Complex in Nairobi, Kenya, comprising 240 kitchen and utility connections across five towers. With our expertise, we installed two 10-tonne storage tanks and laid over 10,000 meters of piping, facilitating safe and efficient gas distribution throughout the complex. Our water bath type LPG vaporizers and high and low-pressure control systems guarantee reliable gas supply, while pre-paid meters and billing software ensure convenient monitoring and management. From cylinders to regulators and valves, SERVODAY offers a complete range of high-quality LPG products tailored to meet the needs of modern living spaces. Experience peace of mind and efficiency with SERVODAY's turnkey LPG solutions.

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Versatile Grabs for Diverse Industries

Enhance Efficiency with SERVODAY's Grab Solutions

In today's bustling maritime and logistics landscape, efficiency is key for businesses spanning various sectors. SERVODAY offers a comprehensive range of grabs tailored to meet the diverse needs of shipping lines, port handling agencies, scrap melting shops, timber merchants, and more. Our Radio Remote Control Grabs redefine convenience with their wireless operation and hydraulic cylinder mechanism, ideal for loading and unloading a plethora of materials, from sand to fertilizers. For steel scrap and industrial waste handling, our Scrap Handling Orange Peel Grabs provide robust solutions, boasting heavy-duty electro-hydraulic systems and versatile capacity options. Timber merchants benefit from our Electro Hydraulic Log-Timber Grabs, ensuring seamless loading of logs, beams, and railway sleepers. Meanwhile, our Two Rope & Four Rope Mechanical Grabs offer compatibility with all crane types and efficient bulk handling capabilities. Elevate your operations with SERVODAY's Grab Solutions, designed to optimize efficiency and productivity across industries.

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